Tuesday, April 3, 2018



President Trump needs to back off from Amazon.  Many of the President's claims against Amazon appear to have limited merit.

The Post Office has been on the verge of bankruptcy for many years.  The Post Office has acknowledged that Amazon has helped  it increase  revenues. Amazon does not set prices, the Post Office does.

Like it or not Amazon has become an essential service. It's easier and cost effective to shop on. It's easier to compare, review, purchase, receive and save gas.  The elderly benefit, the disabled benefit, the poor benefit and busy working people benefit.  It's almost incredible.

Amazon tries to know what the shoppers want, price fairly, service superbly and provide quality products.  Big retailers fell behind years ago because they were poorly managed.

It's not Amazon's fault that third party vendors are not required to collect sales tax.  That's the law and the President is free to respond to this issue and try to change it.


Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved