Tuesday, May 8, 2018


The tragedy of  the ginger story WILL BE the  effect it  will have on   the surrounding family. THERE  is no way for them to conceive the cunning nature of our main character.MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES HIDE WHATS REALLY HAPPENING. The significant question ,, Is how many will suffer.stay tuned as we step intothe darkness  of a  villain who has already admitted guilt.Don"t  forget  the coverup  of the Clinton the schneiderman the Weinstein the Madoff ,THE WEINER etc ALL DISGRACED and they were important people.THOSE AROUND HER .WILL STICK CLOSE,  UNTIL THEY REALIZE THEIR DEPENDANT NATURE RUNS DEEP.EVERYONE WILL FIND OUT THAT YOU CANT RUN AWAY ONCE THE DAMAGE  TO YOUR LIFE  IS DONE . GINGER WILL LOSE IT ALL. WE WILL CREATE THE STORY OF FIDUCIARY ,INTERNETAND FINANCIAL  FRAUD.MAYBE GINGER WILL BE  CREATED INSANE ,.  WERE  SCHEIDERMAN WEINER ETC INSANE. YOULL DECIDE .THEY ALL LOOKED GOOD ON PAPER.WERE THEY REAL ,WERE THEY MULTIPLE OR JUST PLAIN EVIL .COVERUP GOES A LONG WAY .

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