Wednesday, May 23, 2018

trust but verify

The portfolio had 150 stocks , Never was this reported. Stocks by the millions of $ worth were traded every day. When, where or by whom is  going to be proven. Whoever it was will go to jail.By way of example :under no cicumstances was it authorized or even sane. .The reporting  method were illusions of a mad person. By way of exampleThe total value of the stocks traded was 50 million January  2018 The report to the account owner   was never much over one Million. REPORTS WERE ISSUSED EVERY TIME THERE WAS A TRADE.THATS HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. How is that even possible Who could be so sick so stupid and so ignorant.  Ginger is stupid in my novel, but she has a good IQ  Consider the following! On jan 4th 2018 someone   used a forged sign in and purchased $165,000 worth of amazon. On the same day they bought $150,000 dollars worth of goog $,50,000 dollars worth of google, on the 2nd they bought $80,000 dollars worth of Netflix, on the 4th another$200,000 dollars worth of goog, $80,000 dollars worth of nividia, $200,000 dollars worth of biogen another $70,000 dollars worth of Netflix,on jan 5th another$200,000dollars worth of goog, and $113,000 dollars worth,again of amazon, The reports to the account owner were all made up.The total value of stocks bought and sold was $50,000,000 dollars worth.The account did not have a lot of money in it.I KNOW THERE IS REPITITiON IN THIS  PIECE YOU WILL SEE WHY AS OUr  novel unfolds, to  the climax.

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved