Tuesday, May 22, 2018

evil pure evil

Slowly but surely we will create a record of dishonest investments in an account Ginger  was a fiduciary..  in January 2018 ginger bought  and sold  One million dollars worth of one stock on the same day.None of these trades were ever recorded for the owners review ,, She had no permission to make these decisions.In addition  ginger probably had  someone helping her. She  will also be shown to have done this illegal trading on other occasions. Who helped  her. Remember she has already admitted that she should be dead and go to hell.Remember those of you who permit her into your world are letting a person identified as having  "diminished capacity"into the lives of your children .Stay tuned the story of ginger is just getting started                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To my readers let me express my sorrow  in letting this mess occur. 

Monday, May 21, 2018


We have not written a blog in a while.  There are so many people writing so many things with so many points of view, we weren't sure we had anything to add to the dialogue.

During World War II, one man was a brilliant master of propaganda and mind control.  Imagine what that person could do today with the Internet and social media techniques.

Unfortunately, we face very cunning enemies, both domestic and international.  They have figured out how to use a large element our of population to allow them to attack many of our democratic principles.

Profiling is not allowed, if you are looking for a particular type of person you are hard pressed to disclose it.  We are surprised by the repetitive nature of serious crimes, yet loath to enhance break throughs in our protection systems.

The best and most important example is our schools.  Although there are guards at airports, post offices, hotels, malls, street corners, apartment buildings, stadiums, concert arenas, etc. there are intelligent people who do not want to accept the necessity for much greater protection of our kids in schools.

It's almost as if we unconsciously accept the concept that "they were expendable" because we would rather not face the reality of the current world situation.  We would rather close our eyes and accept the easy way out, that blindly believes that there won't be another and another and another occurrence of tragedy.

We may not like it because its against everything we stand for, but the hostility of what we face should be apparent to all.  The Boston Marathon terrorists could have just as easily planted a nuclear type device.

If the Boston tragedy isn't enough to prove this point true, how much more will it take to convince you what we are really up against.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fake news and fake people

Did ginger have an accomplice? Where is that person located?It seems impossible that the sheer VOLUME OF TRADES COULD BE DONE BY ONE  Person  . They would have probably have  had to be really deranged.Ginger reported to the account owner very substantial profits  in 2018..  A very detailed nortarized record of the daily gains was meticulously maintained,unbeknown  to ginger. The false reporting will be proven as our novel is created.Ginger was a legal fiduciary. Who ,if anyone helped, is being investigated as we write.The fake reports have been ,via keystroke analysis traced to a particular computer.Why would ginger report profits to the account owner that were false.  Did she make the investments she was told to make in another account ? Was it hers. was it some one elses, Remember Ginger has already admitted guilt and  said she deserves to go to hell.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

the psychopath an inch away

ginger was a liar.  She admits her guilt.She runs away. She involves her family. SHE FORGES financial reports. She betrays her sworn fiduciary duty.  She publishes porn of herself and her "true love"without his permission. She repeated  provides incorrect tax records. She says I hope he croaks,then says come on over and see my short skirt.What a joke Her family move her out of state. She lies about everything, keeps control thru false reporting ,and verbal lies This is only the beginning. Gingers  Family members  have now been told  to protect their loved ones. She sends filthy videos over the internet. Hang on to your hat  as  Ginger will be  tried and convicted True or false, your call.Soon police and the da will study our novel, to watch simple but well thought out computer and financial crime unfold.

Friday, May 11, 2018

you do it you own it

A visiting friend sees a winning lottery ticket on your desk.  They decide they don't like you. They take the ticket and destroy it .Was this a crime? I buy  a  valuable painting. The owner burns the painting, They decide i:m  not a nice guy. the painting doubles in value but all the sale paper work is secretly missing. Good criminals can be very crafty. They usually suffer from vast feelings of jealousy and delusions of their skill  level.They always get caught. A piano "falling on a  childs head and is only half way down, is enough  to deny parental custody.. ginger is the paino,she is failing to see    illegal activity as a piano , falling on her and surrounding  people.The police will catch up.We will stay vigilant. In this story ginger must chose her legacy. Stay tuned as the chapters are written.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


The tragedy of  the ginger story WILL BE the  effect it  will have on   the surrounding family. THERE  is no way for them to conceive the cunning nature of our main character.MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES HIDE WHATS REALLY HAPPENING. The significant question ,, Is how many will suffer.stay tuned as we step intothe darkness  of a  villain who has already admitted guilt.Don"t  forget  the coverup  of the Clinton the schneiderman the Weinstein the Madoff ,THE WEINER etc ALL DISGRACED and they were important people.THOSE AROUND HER .WILL STICK CLOSE,  UNTIL THEY REALIZE THEIR DEPENDANT NATURE RUNS DEEP.EVERYONE WILL FIND OUT THAT YOU CANT RUN AWAY ONCE THE DAMAGE  TO YOUR LIFE  IS DONE . GINGER WILL LOSE IT ALL. WE WILL CREATE THE STORY OF FIDUCIARY ,INTERNETAND FINANCIAL  FRAUD.MAYBE GINGER WILL BE  CREATED INSANE ,.  WERE  SCHEIDERMAN WEINER ETC INSANE. YOULL DECIDE .THEY ALL LOOKED GOOD ON PAPER.WERE THEY REAL ,WERE THEY MULTIPLE OR JUST PLAIN EVIL .COVERUP GOES A LONG WAY .

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