Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I am seventy five years old.  I was a young boy during WWII.  It was commonplace to be exposed to stories about the Germans in which children were rewarded to come forward to snitch on their parents or family.  These young children were following the Nazi propaganda line.

Many adults looked in dismay as a country rewarded children for being whistle blowers.  It was considered an abominable breach of most American's ethics.

Now in America we reward, with substantial gifts, those who help our Justice Department and SEC prosecutors capture and then punish who are often their friends and colleagues.  Our sense of justice is to tell people if you whistle blow, you can get rich and if necessary go into the witness protection program.

As Americans we have actually come to accept this as an appropriate approach to the pursuit of crimes.

I have great difficulty understanding how we abhor the actions of the children of Germany, but find little ability to speak about whether we want such behavior in our own country.

Monday, June 5, 2017


What looks like scattered chaos is really an expansion of the Arab "Plan of Phases" manifesto.

Knowing that it was unlikely than any coalition of  terrorist groups could militarily defeat democracy, the plan was expanded.

In essence it says that it will keep on attacking, through one means or another, for so  long a period of time as is necessary so that ultimately capitalism  would collapse from within, as the left and the right can no longer find common ground.

President Obama's appeasement policies have helped expand the "plan of phases" so that it will become worldwide.

It looks as if we just didn't provide enough help to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and our southern borders.  The reality is that a vast plan has been developing for years where a slow and steady encroachment of our preferred way of life would be under assault from an increasing number of directions.

We have had to create the transportation safety department, increase the NSA surveillance, face immense problems on our borders and are finding that every where we have left militarily the opportunity for the "bad guys" to annoy us has been increased.

It's unfortunate that we are in such a position.  Look at it this way.  Israel does not want to be in its continual state of military and security preparedness, but it is.  President Obama's policy of retreat has failed.  Every day that passes it's becoming more probable that the risk of reversing the plan of phases against us will be higher and higher.

This didn't start on 9/11, it's been in the planing stage for real long time.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


A Democratic President decides to become the largest shareholder in General Motors; results in a manufacturing debacle.

A Democratic President files an antitrust case against IBM,; the company has never been the same since.

A Democratic President decides to file an antitrust case against Microsoft, the company has been in "trouble" every since.

A Democratic President decides we cant help Syria, Russia gains all the influence.

A Democratic President decides Ukraine is none of our business, Russia gains additional power.

A Democratic President draws  a red line for Iran two years ago, the red line evaporates and nuclear proliferation marches on.

Saudi Arabia announces the potential need for nuclear weapons and begins looking away from U.S. for support.

Russias' able to "threaten all of Europe" with energy supplies.  A Democratic President looks on passively.

Hundreds of people die from guns in Chicago, a Democratic President looks on passively.

No wonder there aren't enough good jobs and stability.


Let this sink in over and over and over again. According to easily available sources:

A. Half of the population spend little or nothing on health care.
B. 5% of the population spend about half the total amount of health care costs.
C. To put it in clear terms, 5 people in every 100 account for 50% of U.S. health care spending.

It's another example of not putting the real facts on the table because it's politically unpopular. Therefore we waist billions of words and we never solve the problems.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


The chess battle over health care will cost you a lot of money.  It doesn't matter what your ideology is it will cost you a lot of money, each and everyone of you.

Simply put, this is the story.  Approximately 65% of medical dollars spent go to labor, directly or indirectly.  That's the millions of people who provide the health care system, whether they work for a hospital or a biotech company.  Labor is 65% of every dollar received by the medical profession.

The revenues for the medical industry (in entirety) can either be paid for by the government (TAXES) or by individuals (PREMIUMS).

When you pay the taxes to the government for the medical industry they are either called Medicare, Medicaid or something similar.  When you pay the premiums to your insurance company they are paid for by your personal income.  So you either pay taxes or premiums, both are used to pay the workers in the medical profession 65% of those two numbers.

No politician is willing to tell the people who don't work in the medical profession that medical expenses are destined to rise PERMANENTLY.  The cost of labor is not going down so we will have a continuing rise of medical care costs.  There is no competition.  There is basically a single payer system and that's just the way it is.  So forget the politics.  It's bogus.  

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Watch the news, pick up a magazine especially newspapers, watch the TV and immerse yourself in the "everythings wrong" philosophy.

The democratic process, with its unbelievable capacity for openness and sharing of thoughts, seems to thrive on conflict. This conflict results in a vibrant Nation that lurches forward with small and gigantic steps.

All around us the pundits of doom sell negativism.

The reality is anything but. The enormous strides made by democracy and capitalism in the last few decades are incomprehensible. Almost every country has seen the standard of living of its people rise. There is no longer a significant chance of slipping back into extreme socialism and communism. All about us the engine of American and World creativity is blossoming into a whole new era that is only at its beginning.

Cars are changing, jet planes are making huge strides, biotechnology is still alive and well. The immensity of the Internet and all the companies that are continually being spawned is almost too much to grasp. Old industrial America is stabilizing. Revolution in America is not realistic for many years, if ever.

Markets get ahead of themselves, competition for profits is intense and there is a continuum of winners and losers in most spheres of life. The government in all its confusion functions. There is an awareness that so many major components of our democracy need revitalization. So all is not lost.

The market doubled too quickly from its lows. No one I know bet the house on 1 1/2% 10 year government bonds. Most observers are focused on everything but the real picture.

The real picture is our ingenuity. The fact is that most people go to work everyday and most enjoy their jobs.

The deficits will not sink the ship (although they should be brought down). Europe will not sink. Greece will still be there and so will Spain. And Russia, with all its recalcitrance will not do anything stupid. So seek your opportunity, use common sense, pay attention to what you are doing and praise the fact that everyday there is opportunity.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


North Korea was on the front pages just a few months ago.  Obviously the Chinese, who are the major suppliers of everything to North Korea, told them in strong terms to cease and desist.  There is no possible way the North Korea leadership would or could stand up to the Chinese.
Crisis resolved, off the front pageS, on to the next thing...

As Russia is the major supplier to Syria, you would suspect that they could have very significant influence on the Syrians behavior.

Russia's economy is extremely dependent on energy prices.  Crisis in the Mideast causes prices of oil and related commodities to rise.  Russia's economy is able to sustain itself on the higher energy prices.

As a general rule, the United States doesn't like energy prices this high and would like to see the chaos in Syria come to a halt.

President Obama goes to the Russians and says; "Hey you can bring a stop to this so please do it".  The Russians know the Americans can't stand confrontation.  They foresee the chaos in that part of the world potentially leading to increased influence of the Russians over the entire Mideastern oil supplies.

Here is the "real story";  what we are witnessing in Syria has little to do with the sociopathic Assad and the rebel terrorist organizations.  It is totally a confrontation between the United States and Russia and has the potential to move in the direction of the Cuban Missile crisis, not just a Mideast conflict.

Russia could easily bring an end to what we see going on in Syria by joining with the US and western nations.  They see little need to do that because so far President Obama is neither President Kennedy, President Reagan, President Roosevelt or Churchill.  He is hiding behind his "bodyguards", the "CONGRESS", and is afraid to confront the real perpetrators of the catastrophe in Syria.  

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved