Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The same affliction to our sanity involves the media abuse of the slogan "top one percenters". Recently the median salary of the public university presidents place them all in the top one percenters.

The Presidents of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Michigan, Amherst, Williams, Stanford are all in the top one percenters. The same is true for hundreds if not thousands of University Professors.

Okay, so is the head of the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, the President of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Herman Cain, Jesse Jackson, Jeb Bush, Michael Bloomberg, lots of Senators and Congressman and the head of the AARP (a real disaster). NBA and NFL's top players such as Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Dan Marino, Tom Brady, Michael Vick,; Musicians and Artists like Beyonce, JayZ, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Jennifer Lopez, Hank Williams Jr., Mariah Carey, Harry Belafonte, Barbara Streisand Actors, Actresses and Media celebrities such as Angela Jolie, Steven Spielberg, Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Jerry Seinfeld, Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Ariana Huffington, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Friedman, Jim Cramer, Eddie Murphy, and top people that run hundreds of thousands of employees and many of those like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Steve Jobs who created unbelievable changes in society and millions of jobs, are in the one percenters club. I could keep listing people...the media lies...look at the truth.

I was in Austin recently and there was an Occupy Wall Street group. I decided to sit down on the lawn with some of them and found out from about 15 different conversations that everyone of these "Occupiers" knew absolutely nothing about salary levels and economics. One young woman was telling another young woman how much she loved her. They really didn't know each other. Maybe I overstepped my bounds but we were kind of chatting and I said to the better dressed young lady; "Why don't you give this woman you love your hat - she seems to be getting sunburned". That went about as far as I could throw an elephant. For some strange reason the media hypes and the police in this situation were busy placating the group as they trashed a substantial piece of property. None of the people I spoke with knew anything at all about who the "one percenters" were.

Monday, July 25, 2016


Saul Alinsky pontificated in his Rules for Radicals that to destroy the American system that a realistic radical is completely unconcerned about the verification of facts and that they are only interested in their agenda. He states that the purpose of radicals is to sew discontent and to seek to create an environment so they can influence the generally ignorant population to support political goals that would otherwise be unsupportable in the face of the facts.

Friday, July 22, 2016


We have not written a blog in a while.  There are so many people writing so many things with so many points of view, we weren't sure we had anything to add to the dialogue.

During World War II, one man was a brilliant master of propaganda and mind control.  Imagine what that person could do today with the Internet and social media techniques.

Unfortunately, we face very cunning enemies, both domestic and international.  They have figured out how to use a large element our of population to allow them to attack many of our democratic principles.

Profiling is not allowed, if you are looking for a particular type of person you are hard pressed to disclose it.  We are surprised by the repetitive nature of serious crimes, yet loath to enhance break throughs in our protection systems.

The best and most important example is our schools.  Although there are guards at airports, post offices, hotels, malls, street corners, apartment buildings, stadiums, concert arenas, etc. there are intelligent people who do not want to accept the necessity for much greater protection of our kids in schools.

It's almost as if we unconsciously accept the concept that "they were expendable" because we would rather not face the reality of the current world situation.  We would rather close our eyes and accept the easy way out, that blindly believes that there won't be another and another and another occurrence of tragedy.

We may not like it because its against everything we stand for, but the hostility of what we face should be apparent to all.  The Boston Marathon terrorists could have just as easily planted a nuclear type device.

If the Boston tragedy isn't enough to prove this point true, how much more will it take to convince you what we are really up against.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I am personally against abortion but if you want an abortion you should be able to get one without any problems. 

Gun Control is like the problem we face with illegal drug use.  It's impossible to keep guns out of the wrong hands completely just like its impossible to believe that illegal drug use will ever go away completely. We should continue to maintain laws that protect the innocent and persecute the guilty in both matters. 

I am not in favor of rich people, poor people or any other particular group, I am only in favor of economic policies that work to make our country better for as many people as possible. 

I am not against Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security, but I am in favor of policies that will make them last permanently.

I won't appease any particular group or interest in order to be elected. 

I am in favor of an education system that raises the accomplishment of a much larger segment of our school populations.  I will find a way to sit down with the top school union representatives and work out a mutually agreeable plan that will get this well on the road during my administration. 

My administration will be color blind, religion blind, gender blind, handicapped blind, minority blind and sexuality blind.  

I will pick people who will do their jobs for all Americans even when decisions create controversy.

I will not run the traditional political play game of buying votes.

I will do the best I can even if I am not elected to a second term if I win the first.

I will not allow Israel or any of our allies to be scapegoated by politics. 

Friday, July 15, 2016


What looks like scattered chaos is really an expansion of the Arab "Plan of Phases" manifesto.

Knowing that it was unlikely than any coalition of  terrorist groups could militarily defeat democracy, the plan was expanded.

In essence it says that it will keep on attacking, through one means or another, for so  long a period of time as is necessary so that ultimately capitalism  would collapse from within, as the left and the right can no longer find common ground.

President Obama's appeasement policies have helped expand the "plan of phases" so that it will become worldwide.

It looks as if we just didn't provide enough help to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and our southern borders.  The reality is that a vast plan has been developing for years where a slow and steady encroachment of our preferred way of life would be under assault from an increasing number of directions.

We have had to create the transportation safety department, increase the NSA surveillance, face immense problems on our borders and are finding that every where we have left militarily the opportunity for the "bad guys" to annoy us has been increased.

It's unfortunate that we are in such a position.  Look at it this way.  Israel does not want to be in its continual state of military and security preparedness, but it is.  President Obama's policy of retreat has failed.  Every day that passes it's becoming more probable that the risk of reversing the plan of phases against us will be higher and higher.

This didn't start on 9/11, it's been in the planing stage for real long time.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


There is nothing new about this. It's old hat, it's sad, it's destructive but it's the real story.

On November 22nd we titled a blog "Stop worrying about Globalization...Start Worrying about Ourself". We can't reiterate the importance of that blog except maybe a bit through the following vignette.

We had to make a change in one of our computer programs. We asked the two young people at the American company's service office operating in the Philippines a number of questions. We knew the answers, but we wanted an update.

Some of the questions were: Did you go to college...yes. How old are you...27. Do you like your job...yes. Is there room for advancement...yes. Would you consider yourself upper, lower or middle class...middle.

These young people remotely scurried through our computers with the agility and talent of a computer PhD which they were not. They spent an hour assisting us on the phone, they were extremely polite and the overall experience, from our point of view, was top notch.

THESE PEOPLE WERE PAID THE EQUIVALENT OF $11,0000 USD PER YEAR. If an American college graduate wanted to do this job they would probably earn $50,000 plus per year. This would be an additional $40,000 paid for the same service. It is one of the main reasons why jobs available to Americans has struggled.

Furthermore, as we have stated over and over again, the largest blocks of the unemployed would have no ability to do these jobs. We can create all the technology jobs we want but the minorities unemployed in this country will not be helped for an awful long time. Not only have we lost our manufacturing ability but we have lost the labor cost differential and its not going to change for a long time.

Just remember if you are a foreign company, the probability of giving these types of jobs to Americans is an extremely low number.

We need a government who will support our people's call for the equalization of unfair cost and currency advantages.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Watch the news, pick up a magazine especially newspapers, watch the TV and immerse yourself in the "everythings wrong" philosophy.

The democratic process, with its unbelievable capacity for openness and sharing of thoughts, seems to thrive on conflict. This conflict results in a vibrant Nation that lurches forward with small and gigantic steps.

All around us the pundits of doom sell negativism.

The reality is anything but. The enormous strides made by democracy and capitalism in the last few decades are incomprehensible. Almost every country has seen the standard of living of its people rise. There is no longer a significant chance of slipping back into extreme socialism and communism. All about us the engine of American and World creativity is blossoming into a whole new era that is only at its beginning.

Cars are changing, jet planes are making huge strides, biotechnology is still alive and well. The immensity of the Internet and all the companies that are continually being spawned is almost too much to grasp. Old industrial America is stabilizing. Revolution in America is not realistic for many years, if ever.

Markets get ahead of themselves, competition for profits is intense and there is a continuum of winners and losers in most spheres of life. The government in all its confusion functions. There is an awareness that so many major components of our democracy need revitalization. So all is not lost.

The market doubled too quickly from its lows. No one I know bet the house on 1 1/2% 10 year government bonds. Most observers are focused on everything but the real picture.

The real picture is our ingenuity. The fact is that most people go to work everyday and most enjoy their jobs.

The deficits will not sink the ship (although they should be brought down). Europe will not sink. Greece will still be there and so will Spain. And Russia, with all its recalcitrance will not do anything stupid. So seek your opportunity, use common sense, pay attention to what you are doing and praise the fact that everyday there is opportunity.

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved