Sunday, May 27, 2018

sex the story your all afraid to tell

She had a short skirt.Her\sweater was very low cut.Her legs were not crossed .HER BREASTS were large, her  figure way above average, in todays standards. The man said , you are really attractive. If we meet again please dress a little less provocitively. Five years later, the law suit, sleaszy lawyer.You objectified her. You looked to closely at her.You had no right to notice her sexuality, Almost as there is no such word. Before you know it, we will be marching backwards and covering up.MAYBE THE SAUDIS ARE RIGHT? Men will become afraid of women, Women will lose job opportunities. In the workplace no on will dare be friends. We will be sure male female relationships will weaken considerably. Men will not want to marry, They will even want less children..   This will all happen because a few  cowardly bulling men lost there sense of loving and caring. Instead  they became abusers  of power. They were weak  and they were criminals.   But filing charges years and years later  unless you were raped by force, threated  with punishment or similar action will do more harm that good. As the men were bullies , the women can be even worse, THEY HIDE BEHIND SUBTLEY OF BEING THE WEAKER SEX, AS THEY EXPLOIT SYMPATHY, OFTEN NOT DESERVED. WOMEN ARE OFTEN THE ABUSER  WITH DIFFERENT METHODS BUT THE SAME  RESULT.WEAK WOMEN USING OTHER TRAITS INSTEAD OF PHYSICAL  POWER .(WHY DO SO MANY MARRIAGES REQUIRE PRENUPTIALS?) Rule number one. keep your hands off other people and that means women too.)

Monday, May 21, 2018


We have not written a blog in a while.  There are so many people writing so many things with so many points of view, we weren't sure we had anything to add to the dialogue.

During World War II, one man was a brilliant master of propaganda and mind control.  Imagine what that person could do today with the Internet and social media techniques.

Unfortunately, we face very cunning enemies, both domestic and international.  They have figured out how to use a large element our of population to allow them to attack many of our democratic principles.

Profiling is not allowed, if you are looking for a particular type of person you are hard pressed to disclose it.  We are surprised by the repetitive nature of serious crimes, yet loath to enhance break throughs in our protection systems.

The best and most important example is our schools.  Although there are guards at airports, post offices, hotels, malls, street corners, apartment buildings, stadiums, concert arenas, etc. there are intelligent people who do not want to accept the necessity for much greater protection of our kids in schools.

It's almost as if we unconsciously accept the concept that "they were expendable" because we would rather not face the reality of the current world situation.  We would rather close our eyes and accept the easy way out, that blindly believes that there won't be another and another and another occurrence of tragedy.

We may not like it because its against everything we stand for, but the hostility of what we face should be apparent to all.  The Boston Marathon terrorists could have just as easily planted a nuclear type device.

If the Boston tragedy isn't enough to prove this point true, how much more will it take to convince you what we are really up against.

Monday, May 7, 2018


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