Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Egypt, going the wrong way...Saudi Arabia, still oppressive...Libya, chaotic...Syria, an abomination...North Korea, out of their minds..Iran, apocalyptic.   Woe to the world if atomic bombs proliferate, as their on the road to, in the Middle East.

You have to ask yourself the following question.   Is it just coincidence that the last time a United States Ambassador was killed was under the Presidency of Jimmy Carter?  Now we have lost an Ambassador under another appeasement oriented President.

During World War II it was next to impossible to bring the American electorate into an early tough stance against German expansionism.  It took the attack on Pearl Harbor to give President Roosevelt the political clout to come to the aid of Great Britain and Europe.

The issue is not so much the human suffering of World War II. The issue is that it would have been much simpler to have stopped it in its tracks more proactively with less human loss and suffering.

Wouldn't it have been better if President Obama instead of just saying "America does not denigrate other people's religions" then added that in America there is freedom of speech and we will not tolerate terror to suppress this freedom.  

Therefore we march down the same path as we did in World War II, hoping that appeasement will drench the acts of terrorism.

One is always hopeful that there is an easy path to controlling evil, unfortunately all you have to do is look around and follow the story.


Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved