Thursday, July 18, 2013


From a recent headline from a popular website:

"Arabs Attack American Jew in Venice".

In addition to the story, there was a large picture with a sign in bright red being carried by fully garbed Muslim looking people saying "GOD BLESS HITLER".

WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE?  There was none.


From the Chicago Tribune today:

 "Eight Wounded in Shootings across Chicago Overnight Including Two Teenagers".  

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?  There is none.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Please think what you want about the following comments.  I would appreciate it if some of you would candidly tell me if the following comments are completely wrong.

We now face a group of people calling for boycotting, marching, protesting, not accepting the rules of a jury trial, etc., etc.

It takes absolutely no courage to attack Paula Deen and Zimmerman, whether they are guilty of transgressions or not, neither of these people are likely to harm the agitators or their families.

Let's see these great protectors of the  people go into Chicago and Detroit and attack the drug and gun culture that is resulting in so many deaths.  Let's see these brave agitators go where the big problems are and face the drug dealers and the thousands of guns and criminals.

They try to make themselves look like heros, but they are really politicians of the worst type; using the race card to sustain a following.


Quoted from today's Chicago Tribune;

7 shot in attacks on South, West, Southwest sides


Friday, July 12, 2013


Why is "everybody" so interested in the Zimmerman trial?  I think I have heard about fifty explanations, some of which make sense and none of which are vital.

Trayvon Martin being dead is an abomination.  Pulling guns out in a fistfight, let along firing the gun is under most circumstances beyond the boundaries of moral and ethical law in this type of situation.

Unfortunately the Nation's obsession with the Martin-Zimmerman catastrophe totally obliterates the much more pressing issues of death by gun in cities like Chicago and Detroit.

There are hundreds of young black people being murdered in Chicago, mostly black upon black crime. Many innocent lives have been lost there also.  The sensationalized media should begin to put the same amount of time into covering these senseless killings.

Yet we as a Nation are obsessed with this one trial and the legality of murdering a young black teenager, who was unarmed and had a right to be in that neighborhood that night in Sanford, Florida.

There is no winner in the Zimmerman trial.  Trayvon is dead.  A young life lost.  George Zimmerman will never be a hero.  If he succeeds to be found not guilty it will only be due to the fact the prosecution was not able to provide an eye witness to describe what we all know occurred that night, Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon.

The only winners here are the greedy media and cable news shows that thrive on sensationalizing senseless crimes for their own benefit.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The older brother bashes the younger sibling.  The gigantic father beats the older boy to a pulp. The older boy goes to a hospital, never recovers.  Obviously the father's reaction did a lot more harm than good.

Lincoln believed that slaves should be sent to Central America.  He believed they shouldn't have a right to vote and certainly not marry with whites.  Thomas Jefferson was in favor in sending slaves out of the country and it only gets worse from here, since Emancipation didn't free many slaves when it was issued.

Today Lincoln is revered as he should be despite of his mistakes.

The "tar and feathering" of PAULA DEEN seems to be alot worse than her use of a word  many years ago, as despicable as it is.  The cowardly behavior of so many corporations will breed more resentment than it will breed enlightenment.

If Paula Deen is truly a bigot and intent on harming Negroes through word or deed, than she is not worthy of our support.  If like Lincoln, she lived through a period of her life where certain matters were not quite clear, then she is worthy of redemption.

There's an old cliche that only bullies jump on a man that is down on the ground.

P.S. How many times in recent history have famous black people bashed white people with no repercussions? What's going on??

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