Friday, December 29, 2017


PART TWO:In order to understand where I'm going with this you will have to allow me to tell you a quick story. My wife Sally and I, during the Internet bubble, were invited to attend a presentation by one of the best asset management firms in the world. This firm had scrupulously avoided investing their clients money in the overpriced companies. Unfortunately, it's performance had lagged its peers that had invested in those companies and the firm lost thirty percent of its assets under management, solely because they were thought to be an old dowdy company. At the meeting we attended, we were immediately introduced to the new Internet guru of this wonderful asset management firm. We were told he had appreciated money at an annual rate of 500% in the last year and now was the time for all the money that had left their firm to return and they would do all they could to compete with their new investment guru. Only a few "special clients", like us, would be "invited" into this "fantastic investment opportunity". In other words, at the very peak, the rate of asset loss to this money management firm and the enormous emotional pressure they felt was so great, they could not stop themselves from attempting to participate in the craziness. The Internet boom went bust a few months after this presentation, the young money manager was fired, all the money was lost, over $200 million dollars, and quite successfully, this money management firm continues to deliver a steady investment product.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


A recent round-table discussion centered on why security at schools should not include metal detectors and other signs of collective safety.

The argument focused on the deterioration in the quality of schooling which would occur if the schools began to feel more like fortresses rather than educational institutions.

The debate concerned the intrusion of tighter security into the freedom of our schools, which should not be imposed by criminal elements.  The logic went that if the additional security measures were enacted the bad guys had basically won the day.

You could argue and discuss this for a long time but at the end our schools still remain vulnerable.  This last incident in Colorado could very easily have resulted in  many, many more deaths.  We were just lucky.  We might even make the claim that the increased security since Columbine substantially saved a number more lives.

I wonder if the D.C. Federal Judge would have so smugly undermined the constitutionality of the anti-crime terrorists surveillance if "his kid" was blown away by a mad person because security failed to trump our over expectations of what it means to be a free society.

Without safety , the Constitution will lose its value.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The cornerstone of Democratic politics is their alleged emphasis on human rights, human equality and fairness, especially in the work place.

The following list is another outrageous and glaring example of the democratic ideal being significantly represented by people who are not what they tell you they are.

Believe it or not, the following list of individuals accused sexual misconduct are all Democrats.

Elliot Spitzer
Shervin Pishevar
Garrison Keillor
Harvey Weinstein
Al Franken
Bill Clinton
Russell Simmons
Charlie Rose
James Levine
John Hockenberry
Matt Lauer
Kevin Spacey
John Conyers
Danny asterson
Dustin Hoffman
Professor William V. Harris
Mario Batali
Ryan Zizza
Tom Carper
Louis C.K.
Tavis Smiley
Morgan Spurlock
Anthony Weiner
Chris Matthews
Peter Martins
Rich Rodriguez
James Franco
Stan Lee
Dr. Larry Nassar
Michael Douglas
Woody Allen
Harold  E. Ford
Aziz Ansari
Bruce Weber*
Omeed Malik
Burns Strider
Megan Barry
Stuart Dunnings
Dr. William Strampel*
Richard Meier*


How not to feel good.  I had cancer.  Pretty advanced state.  My blood pressure probably went up.  The good things in my life seemed to stand still.  How could I have cancer?  I'm feeling good.  Yeah, I had this little ailment and that little ailment.  I was feeling fine.  Then the Doctor told me "you don't know what it is to feel good anymore. You have gotten so used to feeling bad that you actually feel it's good.  But you are sick, you just don't know it." So be the path to believing that you are good even when you are bad.

That's what's happened to  the psyche of a large segment of the American public from constantly being told how bad we are as a nation and how much is wrong with us.  It's the exact opposite of thinking you are well, when you are really sick.

The continual attack by the Democratic progressive liberal establishment has told us there is so much wrong, how can we ever feel good about ourselves.  This may sound like alot of words but its vital.

According to a major Democrat the new tax bill is the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the country.  The climate changes are going to drown us all and stop us from breathing.  The coal is going to pollute us.  The nuclear reactors are going to blow us up. The anti abortion people are racists. The statues should come down. The football players can use the public airways but disrespect the country. The bathrooms should no longer be for men and women,. The military should be allowed to be weakened. Prayer in school is prejudice against minorities. The wealthy are too rich.  The meaning of marriage should be changed. Merry Christmas is abusive. The Pledge of Allegiance is offensive.  Immigration laws are discriminatory. There are too many guns. Health care should be free.Profits are a disease, and on and on it goes.

I was feeling well even though I was sick.  We have been made to feel we are sick even though this nation has never been "weller".

The new administration is trying to make us feel well again respectful of the greatness of our nation   The left wing Clinton Obama Alinsky panic is so overwhelming that they will stoop to any lengths to  make us believe we are feeling sick and are in a terrible place.

"Give Peace a Chance".  Don't let them drag us down under the guise of being sick.


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