Tuesday, August 16, 2011


On June 26, 2006, Warren Buffett, the man who wants to be the protector of society, wrote in a letter to the Board of Directors of one of the Buffett Foundations, "THE ONLY CONDITION TO THIS COMMITMENT IS THAT THE FOUNDATION MUST CONTINUE TO SATISFY LEGAL REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFYING MY GIFT AS CHARITABLE AND NOT SUBJECT TO GIFT OR OTHER TAXES".

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen. Avoidance of taxes through legal means which would be fine if he wasn't acting as a hypocrital man in my opinion.


Whether some people like it or not, the Keynesian economic model is a pretty realistic view of how things work or should work.

Monetary policy, no matter how easy, and fiscal stimulus have a hard time igniting sustained recovery without confidence on the part of our people.

With Obama constantly raising the tomahawk of class warfare and evil corporations, (even telling people not to go to Las Vegas), and the Tea Party advocating a totally wrong economic model that won't lead to recovery, its no wonder confidence hasn't returned. Until both sides can see the factual difference of their dialogue, the two necessary ingredients for recovery; low interest rates and confidence, won't come together. So we muddle as the politicians vie for power above all else.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I agree with you Mr. Buffett. We should stop coddling the Super Rich. I propose there be a 99% asset tax on those with assets over $1 billion dollars. Let's start with you. Contribute your money to the government NOW!


The fake genius of Paul Krugman...Read most of what he says and you'll see alot of complex words, but he really is just a troublemaker in the ilk of Saul Alinsky, disguised as an intellectual. He may like hiding behind his beard, but he is just an angry man who gives teaching talent to the elite, instead of working more in the middle range schools where the students are generally much poorer.

The second paragraph of his piece in the New York Times is telling everyone who reads it we should all feel "anger" because the "influential people", which I guess he is not, are the culprits responsible for our economic crisis. Who are these influential people...I say just typical Krugman propaganda.

Stand up people, feel your "anger", sounds like the first step before advocating riots in the streets. With all the violence in the world today, why would you want to incite such "anger" in people?

You be angry, Mr. Krugman, but you probably would be better off proving the real value of your economic thoughts first. Cut the crap!

In the last paragraph Krugman's writings of August 15th in the New York Times titled the "The Texas Unmiracle", he states "when Mr. Perry presents himself as the candidate who knows how to create jobs, don't believe him".

You may not like to pray, Mr. Krugman, that's your business but why in the world should people believe you. Get it straight. You are just a Professor, of which there are many, not the "Messiah", who tells people who to believe in or not.


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