Friday, December 29, 2017


PART TWO:In order to understand where I'm going with this you will have to allow me to tell you a quick story. My wife Sally and I, during the Internet bubble, were invited to attend a presentation by one of the best asset management firms in the world. This firm had scrupulously avoided investing their clients money in the overpriced companies. Unfortunately, it's performance had lagged its peers that had invested in those companies and the firm lost thirty percent of its assets under management, solely because they were thought to be an old dowdy company. At the meeting we attended, we were immediately introduced to the new Internet guru of this wonderful asset management firm. We were told he had appreciated money at an annual rate of 500% in the last year and now was the time for all the money that had left their firm to return and they would do all they could to compete with their new investment guru. Only a few "special clients", like us, would be "invited" into this "fantastic investment opportunity". In other words, at the very peak, the rate of asset loss to this money management firm and the enormous emotional pressure they felt was so great, they could not stop themselves from attempting to participate in the craziness. The Internet boom went bust a few months after this presentation, the young money manager was fired, all the money was lost, over $200 million dollars, and quite successfully, this money management firm continues to deliver a steady investment product.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


A recent round-table discussion centered on why security at schools should not include metal detectors and other signs of collective safety.

The argument focused on the deterioration in the quality of schooling which would occur if the schools began to feel more like fortresses rather than educational institutions.

The debate concerned the intrusion of tighter security into the freedom of our schools, which should not be imposed by criminal elements.  The logic went that if the additional security measures were enacted the bad guys had basically won the day.

You could argue and discuss this for a long time but at the end our schools still remain vulnerable.  This last incident in Colorado could very easily have resulted in  many, many more deaths.  We were just lucky.  We might even make the claim that the increased security since Columbine substantially saved a number more lives.

I wonder if the D.C. Federal Judge would have so smugly undermined the constitutionality of the anti-crime terrorists surveillance if "his kid" was blown away by a mad person because security failed to trump our over expectations of what it means to be a free society.

Without safety , the Constitution will lose its value.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The cornerstone of Democratic politics is their alleged emphasis on human rights, human equality and fairness, especially in the work place.

The following list is another outrageous and glaring example of the democratic ideal being significantly represented by people who are not what they tell you they are.

Believe it or not, the following list of individuals accused sexual misconduct are all Democrats.

Elliot Spitzer
Shervin Pishevar
Garrison Keillor
Harvey Weinstein
Al Franken
Bill Clinton
Russell Simmons
Charlie Rose
James Levine
John Hockenberry
Matt Lauer
Kevin Spacey
John Conyers
Danny asterson
Dustin Hoffman
Professor William V. Harris
Mario Batali
Ryan Zizza
Tom Carper
Louis C.K.
Tavis Smiley
Morgan Spurlock
Anthony Weiner
Chris Matthews
Peter Martins
Rich Rodriguez
James Franco
Stan Lee
Dr. Larry Nassar
Michael Douglas
Woody Allen
Harold  E. Ford
Aziz Ansari
Bruce Weber*
Omeed Malik
Burns Strider
Megan Barry
Stuart Dunnings
Dr. William Strampel*
Richard Meier*


How not to feel good.  I had cancer.  Pretty advanced state.  My blood pressure probably went up.  The good things in my life seemed to stand still.  How could I have cancer?  I'm feeling good.  Yeah, I had this little ailment and that little ailment.  I was feeling fine.  Then the Doctor told me "you don't know what it is to feel good anymore. You have gotten so used to feeling bad that you actually feel it's good.  But you are sick, you just don't know it." So be the path to believing that you are good even when you are bad.

That's what's happened to  the psyche of a large segment of the American public from constantly being told how bad we are as a nation and how much is wrong with us.  It's the exact opposite of thinking you are well, when you are really sick.

The continual attack by the Democratic progressive liberal establishment has told us there is so much wrong, how can we ever feel good about ourselves.  This may sound like alot of words but its vital.

According to a major Democrat the new tax bill is the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the country.  The climate changes are going to drown us all and stop us from breathing.  The coal is going to pollute us.  The nuclear reactors are going to blow us up. The anti abortion people are racists. The statues should come down. The football players can use the public airways but disrespect the country. The bathrooms should no longer be for men and women,. The military should be allowed to be weakened. Prayer in school is prejudice against minorities. The wealthy are too rich.  The meaning of marriage should be changed. Merry Christmas is abusive. The Pledge of Allegiance is offensive.  Immigration laws are discriminatory. There are too many guns. Health care should be free.Profits are a disease, and on and on it goes.

I was feeling well even though I was sick.  We have been made to feel we are sick even though this nation has never been "weller".

The new administration is trying to make us feel well again respectful of the greatness of our nation   The left wing Clinton Obama Alinsky panic is so overwhelming that they will stoop to any lengths to  make us believe we are feeling sick and are in a terrible place.

"Give Peace a Chance".  Don't let them drag us down under the guise of being sick.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


It was 1987. The book was called "The Great Depression of 1990". It was close to a number one bestseller. The writer was regularly on TV, was left-wing and a major university economics professor.

The Dow Jones was less than 3,000. The book concluded you should sell all your stocks and real estate.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average immediately began an ascent from less than 3,000 to close to 12,000 in the 1990's. Real estate prices doubled and tripled to absurdly overvalued levels.

The sensationalist professor in my views, attempting to become famous with extreme projections and recommendations, fell out of favor.

Today we have other people, mainly professors, often using extreme views to obtain attention. One of them is a man called Jim Rogers who doesn't seem to have managed any publicly recorded money in almost thirty years. He too follows the trampled road using intellect to prepare extremist advice geared towards scaring the average investor into oblivion.

Rogers has created the "Rogers" commodity index which is the kind of thing that can be put together by most anyone with a computer in my opinion.

Just as the Depression of 1990 fell off a cliff in it's timing and significant number of wrong commentary, I think it would be wise to beware of the pundits of either extreme optimism or extreme pessimism.

Please note that Warren Buffet tends to go against the crowd and does not often establish extreme views in either direction. Watch out for marketers wearing the cloak of financial acumen without having any recent or current public investment record.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


In general terms many politicians have found it advantageous to attack American companies. They get away with this because the people that work at these companies haven’t clearly figured out that attacking companies (which are basically are pieces of paper) is really an attack against the employees that work there.

I have not seen a figure published that shows how many dollars have been saved in medical costs because drug companies created products that eliminated many illnesses. Yet it’s easy to attack drug companies; when they don’t vote and the employees have not banded together to unite against such attacks. The real cost in the medical system is not prescription drugs, by a long shot, its labor outside the drug and medical equipment companies.

Hopefully distortions of reality will be overcome by time and patience.


What looks like scattered chaos is really an expansion of the Arab "Plan of Phases" manifesto.

Knowing that it was unlikely than any coalition of  terrorist groups could militarily defeat democracy, the plan was expanded.

In essence it says that it will keep on attacking, through one means or another, for so  long a period of time as is necessary so that ultimately capitalism  would collapse from within, as the left and the right can no longer find common ground.

President Obama's appeasement policies have helped expand the "plan of phases" so that it will become worldwide.

It looks as if we just didn't provide enough help to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and our southern borders.  The reality is that a vast plan has been developing for years where a slow and steady encroachment of our preferred way of life would be under assault from an increasing number of directions.

We have had to create the transportation safety department, increase the NSA surveillance, face immense problems on our borders and are finding that every where we have left militarily the opportunity for the "bad guys" to annoy us has been increased.

It's unfortunate that we are in such a position.  Look at it this way.  Israel does not want to be in its continual state of military and security preparedness, but it is.  President Obama's policy of retreat has failed.  Every day that passes it's becoming more probable that the risk of reversing the plan of phases against us will be higher and higher.

This didn't start on 9/11, it's been in the planing stage for real long time.

Monday, October 16, 2017


Total national health expenditures are reported to run about 3 1/2 trillion dollars.  Total drug expenditures are reported to run about 385 billion dollars.

If the cost of drugs could be reduced 100 billion dollars, the drug industry would be forced to close down because of huge losses.




Three major drug companies spent $100 billion dollars on Research and devleopment in the last five years.

Three major generic drug companies spent under $10 billion on research and development in the last five years.

Since important new drugs are almost impossible to find the major drug companies are likely to find fewer new drugs over the next ten years as their cash flow will decline.

Since generic companies don't do much research or find too many new drugs, the net result will be less drugs, more illness and consequently, more expense.

Unless we get very lucky and the drug companies have a few more breakthroughs.

Furthermore, there is a strong likelihood of declining morale and a significant weakening of the talent who are able to find new drugs.


Doctors and drugs are a small percentage of medical spending.  If it wasn't for the drug industry, we would all be dying horrible deaths.  There wouldn't be a need for hospitals because they would not be able to treat even simple infections.  Almost all the money spent in the medical industry is spent on administrators, technicians, floor sweepers, exterminators, etc.

The Senators and everyone else who attack drug prices instead of providing incentive for more and more drug development, are fools.

When one of them gets a significant disease as for sure some of them will they will understand that they ought to get out of government.  

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Saul Alinsky pontificated in his Rules for Radicals that to destroy the American system that a realistic radical is completely unconcerned about the verification of facts and that they are only interested in their agenda. He states that the purpose of radicals is to sew discontent and to seek to create an environment so they can influence the generally ignorant population to support political goals that would otherwise be unsupportable in the face of the facts.


Im having difficulty putting into words what it is I am currently thinking.  Several years ago we wrote about the Apple IPad and the implication for sales of personal computers.  The Ipad seemed to be what is called a disruptor but its impact on overall economic activity was and is minimal.

 If there is going to be a serious economic decline,  there is one main place to look in my opinion.  That is Amazon.  We all use Amazon. Its getting bigger and bigger and is run by an obvious genius.  He is on the fast path to destroy "all" retail businesses which account for a large portion of our jobs and GDP.

Amazon is becoming so huge that it is on the road to becoming every manufacturers largest customer. The manufacturers, because of this phenomenon,have to do business with Amazon.  Amazon  in turn is putting pressure on the sellers of goods to provide products at a discounted price.  This will eventually lead producers to cut back on their costs which will lead to job loss and deflation.

Amazon, which was already selling most anything you could want is now branching into auto parts, office supplies, groceries, television shows, fast food delivery, etc.  Who knows where this will all lead.  Unfortunately it appears from the weakness in  the retail industry, not to a good place.

Point made!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I don't write too often anymore.  It's not because i don't have important things to say, its because the level of the dialogue in my opinion has degenerated.

Now that we are taking down statues and attempting to change American History, it's only a small step before we start to empty the libraries and museums of books and paintings that some well funded group finds offensive.

Most of the young men that fought for the South did not have anything to do with Slavery. They were simply young men who were brave and fighting to defend their home states.  The great majority owned no slaves and in any case at that time Lincoln "supported" slavery.

On one hand we like to call ourselves a "melting pot", on the other hand a "melting pot"of statues and books and everything else is offensive to this one and that one.

My dear friend is a devout Lutheran. He attends a fantastic Lutheran church every week and through him I have come to know many of their parishioners.  By and large they are as fine a group of people as you can find.

Should we tear down the Lutheran church because its founder was as bad a antisemite that ever existed?

Most of the current church has nothing to do with something that was 700 years ago.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Let this sink in over and over and over again. According to easily available sources:

A. Half of the population spend little or nothing on health care.
B. 5% of the population spend about half the total amount of health care costs.
C. To put it in clear terms, 5 people in every 100 account for 50% of U.S. health care spending.

It's another example of not putting the real facts on the table because it's politically unpopular. Therefore we waist billions of words and we never solve the problems.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


A Democratic President decides to become the largest shareholder in General Motors; results in a manufacturing debacle.

A Democratic President files an antitrust case against IBM,; the company has never been the same since.

A Democratic President decides to file an antitrust case against Microsoft, the company has been in "trouble" every since.

A Democratic President decides we cant help Syria, Russia gains all the influence.

A Democratic President decides Ukraine is none of our business, Russia gains additional power.

A Democratic President draws  a red line for Iran two years ago, the red line evaporates and nuclear proliferation marches on.

Saudi Arabia announces the potential need for nuclear weapons and begins looking away from U.S. for support.

Russias' able to "threaten all of Europe" with energy supplies.  A Democratic President looks on passively.

Hundreds of people die from guns in Chicago, a Democratic President looks on passively.

No wonder there aren't enough good jobs and stability.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


North Korea was on the front pages just a few months ago.  Obviously the Chinese, who are the major suppliers of everything to North Korea, told them in strong terms to cease and desist.  There is no possible way the North Korea leadership would or could stand up to the Chinese.
Crisis resolved, off the front pageS, on to the next thing...

As Russia is the major supplier to Syria, you would suspect that they could have very significant influence on the Syrians behavior.

Russia's economy is extremely dependent on energy prices.  Crisis in the Mideast causes prices of oil and related commodities to rise.  Russia's economy is able to sustain itself on the higher energy prices.

As a general rule, the United States doesn't like energy prices this high and would like to see the chaos in Syria come to a halt.

President Obama goes to the Russians and says; "Hey you can bring a stop to this so please do it".  The Russians know the Americans can't stand confrontation.  They foresee the chaos in that part of the world potentially leading to increased influence of the Russians over the entire Mideastern oil supplies.

Here is the "real story";  what we are witnessing in Syria has little to do with the sociopathic Assad and the rebel terrorist organizations.  It is totally a confrontation between the United States and Russia and has the potential to move in the direction of the Cuban Missile crisis, not just a Mideast conflict.

Russia could easily bring an end to what we see going on in Syria by joining with the US and western nations.  They see little need to do that because so far President Obama is neither President Kennedy, President Reagan, President Roosevelt or Churchill.  He is hiding behind his "bodyguards", the "CONGRESS", and is afraid to confront the real perpetrators of the catastrophe in Syria.  

Thursday, April 20, 2017


It was during the Abraham Lincoln administration that the first federal income tax program was legislated.

It was also the beginning of the progressive tax, where the more you made the higher percentage you paid.  In effect, if you made more you were TARGETED to pay a higher percentage of your income.

Since then each political party has targeted one thing or another to benefit one constituency or another.  We have special tax programs homeowners, investors, municipalities, charities, stocks, solar energy, education, natural resource discovery, etc. etc. etc. Its the American way to use the tax system for both political and economic purposes.

Consequently, as repulsive as it is, it should not be surprising that people in the current administration may have been involved in targeting groups that they may have wanted to penalize.  The IRS does not have a random lottery system approach to its auditing program.  It targets based on specific criteria, which in many cases have nothing to do with breaking any laws.

We really don't want to get into a long dialogue about the IRS. Unfortunately the question now is; has a rogue group of left wing politicians, so hell bent on destroying political forces that do not support agendas other than theirs, been able to use the office and powers of the IRS to achieve their goals.

Some very evil people have come to power world wide using the force of corrupt government to wipe out opposing views.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


When the Syrian insurgency began President Obama was given a "one time only" opportunity to quickly prevent escalation.  Inaction was followed by inaction and well over 100,000 people have been killed, wounded or misplaced.

The complexity of facilitating an end to the carnage now, creates a much more difficult, expensive. risky and limited set of options.

As we wrote in an earlier blog, the cost of ending atrocities early would have been much less than the cost is today and the longer term implications of inaction are not any clearer.

The character of any President is most tested when issues of life and death for many take over the landscape.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Sometimes common wisdom is way off the mark.  Over the last few years we have pointed out that the PC wasn't going to disappear, the price of gold  was overblown, the pundits of gloom were mostly not worth listening to, the occupiers had little case, the deficit was substantially media hype, and the appeasement of enemies is generally not a winning strategy.

What I am going to say now seems absurd on its face, even to me who is writing it, but here I go.

My parents were born in Russia. Their citizenship papers say they were born in Russia.  Specifically they were born in Ukraine, Russia.  In my family it was taken as a statement of fact that they were from Russia. I took a look at Wikipedia and it was obvious, for several hundred years, Ukraine was considered Russia.

Somehow or other the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the name Russia was called by, ceded Ukraine to its own independence.  Now there is man by the name of Mr. Putin who thinks that breaking up the union was a very negative development for his country.

The Civil War in the United States was initially about maintaining the union between the North and the South, it was not initially fought over slavery.  I'm not sure that maintaining the Russian union is not as important to them as it was to us during the Civil War.

What am I missing?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Saul Alinsky pontificated in his Rules for Radicals that to destroy the American system that a realistic radical is completely unconcerned about the verification of facts and that they are only interested in their agenda. He states that the purpose of radicals is to sew discontent and to seek to create an environment so they can influence the generally ignorant population to support political goals that would otherwise be unsupportable in the face of the facts

Sunday, February 12, 2017


It's time to cut the bullshit. People like Paul Krugman win Nobel prizes and generally don't know what they are talking about. The Tom Friedmans of the world, write books forever, make tons of money and make no contribution to peace in the Middle East, just a bunch of words and high fluting explanations that lead to nowhere constructive.

Who in their right mind would give good G'D what the S & P says considering their historic track record. Who are the people in S&P who pontificated this one notch reduction in the rating of U.S. government debt? How many jobs have they had in their lifetime, how much money have they made individually, who is this committee, S&P is nothing but a company.

The atrocity that we have created of the journalistic talking heads on the TV that if a compilation was ever made of what they have said, they would be the laughing stock of the worlds.

Why doesn't our government inform the populous that the talking heads are just trying to get you to listen to them so they can get ratings and advertising and line their pockets with the total inaccuracies of a lot of what they say.

We have become a hodge podge of radicals on both sides of the political equation. That might have worked 100 years ago but we've given away our leadership under  President Obama in many respects.

The country's supposed to not require great leaders because the strength is its ability is to function within the diversity of problems and opinions. But when a NY Times Editorial Writer and Nobel Prize Winner, by the name of Paul Krugman, can spew one incomplete sentence after another the question has to be asked again, "What if Stocks become like Houses?" Even low interest rates, which probably have done more harm than good, show you the depth of the problem.

President Obama has been a destroyer of confidence, a creator of class warfare, and instituting his important "change, change change" in anything.  God willing, whether you believe in God or not, (I do) a Leader will emerge that believes America has to be the Leader not in nation building, but in raising the standard of education and living among our own citizens.

I close with the following; I attended PS73 in the Bronx. I am now 74 years old. The same crummy old building is educating a bunch of black and Hispanic children and according to public releases they are failing on almost all levels. I call that a failure. It has to change...instead of fighting about abortion, gun control, gay rights and Don't ask don't tell.

A lot of you may hate me for writing this but it's like cancer, you got to get it right or you die. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017


We are reprinting our blog of January 11, 2011. It was titled "Are Votes Worth It?" It should have been titled "Are Destructive Union Votes Worth It?"
Tuesday, January 11, 2011ARE VOTES WORTH IT?
On August 27, 2010, we said in a blog that "Almost every significant unionized industry in America has failed. Now the largest unionized segment in America is government."

In the January 8, 2011 issue of the Economist magazine the lead story is titled "The battle ahead - Confronting the public-sector unions."
If you accept the thesis that I'm even partially correct about the negative effect of unions and their inflexible total compensation costs being responsible for destroying the competitive condition of significant industries, you will be well advised to ask "Are unions likely to destroy the government?"
Isn't it only a matter of time before some union representing the fire department, police department or the post office, goes on strike? Obviously it will happen. It's tough to change people. Note carefully the behavior of certain union members during the recent New York City snowfall.
During the ongoing turmoil in Wisconsin, a prominent Democrat exhorted the public to "stick by their friends." This may have been true a few decades ago when people took government jobs based on their security, retirement benefits and often a lack of complexity.
Today we have evolved a system where the unionized government sector indirectly threatens to strike and withhold their votes from the government politicians who don't give them what they want.
Government gets its money from taxes; so what these unions are saying to their so called "friends" is give us more of your tax dollars or we will take away your services.
During the formative years of our republic, there was serious debate about what functions the central governments would serve, both at the local and the federal levels. After Hamilton's persuasive arguments for a collective defense among the states, it was also agreed that government would stay close to the people by providing all types of services, and thereby make it easier for existing members to get reelected.
Think carefully about what some of the things the government does for us. We go to a post office, they hand you your mail. You go to a motor vehicle office, they hand you a license. You apply for a passport, they mail you a passport. They send you social security checks. These are simplistic functions that can just as easily be done by the private sector, for profit, save money, and reduce the deficit significantly.
Functions that don't have to be done by government should be taken out of the hands of government. It's time for a more introspective America, especially in some of our big cities where people think that the sharing of ideas around water coolers actually adds merit to the city.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


When individual companies start targeting a child of the President it hard to imagine the panic that they feel by being uncovered as ignorant.

Go buy an Ivanka accessory - say no to corporate executives abusing their power  by not representing all their shareholders.  

Monday, February 6, 2017


Consider the following very carefully.  Here is the real reason many tech companies are upset over  Trump's immigration policies.  Tech companies have saved hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, by importing labor at cheaper prices than American workers.

Conversely, the amount of money made by tech executives is generally out of proportion to their real individual contributions to the firms. These top corporate executives could have stood the test of greatness by allocating larger amounts of monies to training American workers.  

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Presidents come and Presidents go. Bloggers come and bloggers go.   Protests come protests go.  Some have mojo and some just blow. Yet everyday things ebb and flow.

What's not going to come and go is going to be the continual belly aching of the Democratic party against the recent election.  Why is that so?

Its similar to the "plan of phases" that's been carried out by the segments of  the Arab community against the nation of Israel.  The basic premise being Islam will never accept the existence of the Israeli state.  I believe the Democratic party won't accept the existence of the Trump presidency.  President Trump has discovered the long term democratic plan to undermine capitalism and institute a more and more socialistic population. 

Monday, January 23, 2017


The President-elect won the election with less than 40% of the popular vote but had the majority of electoral votes. The Republican Party had put forth a candidate to win several crucial states that could swing the electoral college. The election was a bitter one with the Democratic Party fractured between two candidates.
The incoming President received so many death threats that he chose to arrive in Washington in secrecy. The security for the inauguration was the tightest ever with troops stationed on buildings throughout the day. This was an unprecedented amount of protection for any PresIdent-elect. Many members of Congress chose not to attend the ceremony.
Despite all this Abraham Lincoln was sworn in as our 16th president on March 4, 1861.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The issue of race in America is well above my pay grade.  In a perfect world race, religion, gender, etc. would have little to do with most of society's decisions.  The Supreme Court is weighing race as a factor in college admissions.  Before you know it, colleges will be required to have a certain number of union members, a certain number of gun advocates, etc. etc. etc. It looks like its becoming a matter of whether you fit into a group so the college can say it fits some type of diversity standard.  Most of these attributes seem to be totally unrelated to the purpose of education.

Here is the point of the prior paragraph.  Ninety Five Percent of  Blacks voted for President Obama in the last election and are estimated to have the same voting pattern this November in spite of the fact that Obama has done little to help his own race.  There is no way that this percentage of the black voting population felt that Obama was the strongest candidate, maybe 75% or 85% did, but not 95%.  In my opinion, a significant portion of this vote is based on race.

It is true that some White voters probably vote on race also, but not nearly to such an overwhelming extent.  If White voters were to have a racist attitude and vote 95% based on color, it would be a long time before any minority group would be voted into positions of government power.  As long as the government perpetuates a policy of race related decisions, the same rules should be acceptable in individual decision making and then all these discriminating descriptions of people will never be eliminated.

Decisions based on race, religion, gender etc. are not the road to prosperity, equality or stronger feelings of self esteem in individuals.  Selections based on one's color, not one's achievements and skills, is only working to separate our society further. Politics, religion, and education should be color blind.  

Sunday, January 15, 2017


President Obama at a fundraiser yesterday spoke about how difficult it was to bring "change" in politics.  In his speech he drew attention to himself within the context of Gandhi and Mandela. 

It is quite astonishing to see our President bring himself into the company of these two men.  He obviously was attempting to point out their greatness and even they needed time to attempt to bring change.

It just so happens within the last year I had reread a book by Arthur Herman named "Gandhi & Churchill".  Those of you who are ardent supporters of our President will unfortunately not appreciate the paragraphs I am extracting from that book. If you want to stand within the world with these unique people you must stand on pedestals with multiple sides.

From the book Gandhi & Churchill:
In 1938, Gandhi urged the Czechs to use non violence against the Germans instead of bullets.  He urged the German Jews to do the same.  "The Jews of Germany can offer satyagraha under infinitely better auspices than Indians in South Africa." Gandhi actually said that the German Jews were more gifted than the Indians of South Africa.  Gandhi said a passive attitude would win the world's admiration and perhaps even that of the German people.  "The German Jews will score a lasting victory over the German gentiles..." Gandhi even urged the Jews to disarm their persecutors by praying for Hitler.  "If even one Jew acted thus he said confidently it would save the whole of Jewry".  Gandhi even felt that "the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher's knife..."  In 1939, he wrote a letter to Hitler begging him to renounce violence and telling a friend that Hitler is "not a bad man".  He said that future generations would "honor Hitler as a genius, as a brave man, a matchless organizer and much more".  In 1941, Gandhi praised Hitler's bravery and devotion to his fatherland and stated that we don't believe that you are the monster described by your opponents, namely Winston Churchill.

And so ends Gandhi's Pro-Hitler missives as the war picked up its momentum and surrender was no longer an option. 

I'm sure we all agree that the importance of avoiding war cannot even be put into words that would adequately express the horrors of such events.  But woe to the Israelites and to those who have been brought into slavery by the tyrants throughout history. As a Harvard graduate, if Obama wants to stand with Gandhi, I presume he is aware of the full picture. 

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved