Saturday, August 18, 2018

Brennen total loser

you worked at a doctors office.After you leave job you still want access to patient record.  You work for a company. When  you quit you still want access  to company info.Your a teacher. you leave.You still want test scores of students.  Only government employees demand continued access to information. It makes no sense on any level,,Its all about a 300 year old power structure.  One democrat went so far to say this isn't a great country,.Only he is great.He can judge the whole country  . .

Monday, August 13, 2018


There is a man by the name of Stanley O'Neal. He is a black man. He was also the CEO of Merrill Lynch. He also presided over Merrill Lynch during the near bankruptcy of the firm.

After the finanacial crisis of 2008, Vanity Fair magazine wrote a scathing article about the enormous failures of this man and his enormous contribtuion to the housing and related crisis. (November 2010)

The name of the article was "The Blundering Herd". STANLEY O'NEAL WALKED OFF WITH HUNDERDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF COMPENSATION. According to the article Mr. O'Neal left the firm with "161 Million in retirement benefits and Merrill Lynch stock."

Why in the world did the Occupy Wall Street people march to the homes of white people who had relatively nothing, if anything at all, to do with the financial crisis of 2008? Why hasn't our President spoken to this man's (O'Neal) enormous failures and greed.

Picking people for jobs of any sort based on gender, race religion, etc. is self defeating but being politically correct, when there are facts that suggest the falseness of that approach, is equally as dangerous.

Friday, August 10, 2018


How not to feel good.  I had cancer.  Pretty advanced state.  My blood pressure probably went up.  The good things in my life seemed to stand still.  How could I have cancer?  I'm feeling good.  Yeah, I had this little ailment and that little ailment.  I was feeling fine.  Then the Doctor told me "you don't know what it is to feel good anymore. You have gotten so used to feeling bad that you actually feel it's good.  But you are sick, you just don't know it." So be the path to believing that you are good even when you are bad.

That's what's happened to  the psyche of a large segment of the American public from constantly being told how bad we are as a nation and how much is wrong with us.  It's the exact opposite of thinking you are well, when you are really sick.

The continual attack by the Democratic progressive liberal establishment has told us there is so much wrong, how can we ever feel good about ourselves.  This may sound like alot of words but its vital.

According to a major Democrat the new tax bill is the worst thing that ever happened in the history of the country.  The climate changes are going to drown us all and stop us from breathing.  The coal is going to pollute us.  The nuclear reactors are going to blow us up. The anti abortion people are racists. The statues should come down. The football players can use the public airways but disrespect the country. The bathrooms should no longer be for men and women,. The military should be allowed to be weakened. Prayer in school is prejudice against minorities. The wealthy are too rich.  The meaning of marriage should be changed. Merry Christmas is abusive. The Pledge of Allegiance is offensive.  Immigration laws are discriminatory. There are too many guns. Health care should be free.Profits are a disease, and on and on it goes.

I was feeling well even though I was sick.  We have been made to feel we are sick even though this nation has never been "weller".

The new administration is trying to make us feel well again respectful of the greatness of our nation   The left wing Clinton Obama Alinsky panic is so overwhelming that they will stoop to any lengths to  make us believe we are feeling sick and are in a terrible place.

"Give Peace a Chance".  Don't let them drag us down under the guise of being sick.


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