Thursday, December 29, 2016


One thing about the Democrats and Obama is they know how to stir the pot by using false and malicious accusations.

For an example, if you like the possibility of charter schools you are a bigot.  If you are against abortion, you are a destroyer of women's rights.  If you stand against appeasement, you are a war monger.  If you believe in the Second Amendment, you're a racist.   If you believe in not disgracing the American flag, at best you are against free speech.  If you are not a major supporter of welfare without being vetted for a job, you are not appreciative of people with needs or people who may not be as well off as you.  If you believe that raising the minimum wage does more harm than good, you are a heartless jerk.  If you believe students that borrow money to go to school should pay back their debts, you are a capitalist when you should be a socialist.  If you don't believe that men made into women and vice versa should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they want, you are a bigot. 

The Democrats make thoughtless attacks on any views but their own. 

P.S. Just remember the "reason" the German populous couldn't fight Hitler even if they wanted to, is because they didn't have guns. Sixty million people died. Let that sink in.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


The great majority of Jews in the election voted for Hillary.  The delusional thinking that peace with Palestine would change the Mid East situation is not only ridiculous, but to Israel it's down right dangerous.

Israel is surrounded by millions of people who want their destruction, whether there is peace with the Palestinians or not.  There can not be peace with religious fundamentalists as long as they think they are winning. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016


A friend of mine bought a home for $300,000 ten years ago. By 2007, the price of similar homes in their neighborhood had tripled in value.
During the period when the price of housing was rising so rapidly, banks were criticized for collecting deposits in one impoverished area of the country and lending it out in other more prosperous regions. The quality of the loans was not a factor, the equitable distribution of loans seemed more important. People all over the country were ecstatic over their increase of wealth through home ownership.
The government, in spite of everything, had created Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac and everything possible to increase home ownership. Practically no one was telling homeowners to liquidate their homes. Construction of homes was booming, millions of people were employed in the sector and no one dared to stop this lucrative bubble.
When the house I mentioned above was purchased in 1999, it would have taken approximately 1000 ounces of gold to pay for the home. Today, it would take only 250 ounces of gold to buy the same $300,000 house. Housing prices have “crashed” and gold has soared. In effect, gold has gone from $350 per ounce in 1999 to $1300 per ounce today.
Gold is basically a useless commodity. The price is a “bubble” that may sustain itself forever and ever, but it is a bubble. You can’t eat gold, it’s hard to carry, it earns you no money and its industrial uses are limited. Again, no one dares to tell people to sell their gold even though you can now buy it in vending machines. No one dares to tell the mining industry to stop the production of gold, for fear of destroying yet another industry that is responsible for the economic livelihood in many struggling countries.
Keynes said that in the end investing is nothing more than a game of musical chairs and that when the music stops; we don’t want to be the ones without a chair.  When interest rates rise, gold will crash.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


The bottom line is the following, a two trillion dollar cut in projected expenditures over ten years, for the Federal Government,for all intense purposes, is not a cut at all. It's too far out, totally unforecastable and too small to have any real meaning. We have written about this before and explained the folly of the politicians rhetoric directed toward the economically naive portion of the population, emphasizing budgetary balance.

The fact is that the federal government, minus defense, is significantly a unionized workforce. In spite of constraints on the federal unions to strike, some problematic events seem almost certain to occur if nothing is done to recognize this issue.

These unionized employees have become accustomed to regular raises and continually improving retirement benefits from the tax paying portion of the population.

But the tax base is not growing at a fast enough clip. As time passes, unless things change, the raises will be forced to stop which will lead to illegal work stoppage threats. History suggests that most unions want what they want when they want it, with little concern for reality.

As the number of people in government, both federal and local, reaches record highs, the ability to provide raises will end and strikes and slowdowns will become one of the next crises that the nation will face.

Only increasing profits, personal income, capital gains, dividends and interest will provide stability.

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved