Monday, December 30, 2019

medical costs will keep on rising

In THE 1950s the democratic congress was going berserk about drug prices, Like it or not the new York times was up in arms in support of the the robbing OF drug profits The price of medical care has risen ever since. medical care  is bankrupting the country and cancer heart disease and everything else  are not cured/ the government has failed.and the people have followed along.  I AM 82 MOST MEDICAL dollars are spent on people my age or older.

Saturday, December 28, 2019



the end game unless amazon the enemy dont kid yourself

once there was a super market. You bought all different items. That was your food portfolio.Then it happened that a super  market of every stock was invented due to computers. That became your stock portfolio. Then china figured out how to make every  product. That became your ;product portfolio.  Then amazon figured out how to put every product online  and sell them all from one place.China, amazon and financial indexes  the real unfolding problem By the way we created an index of news the ultimate illness. Pres trump see  the very negative implications of what occurring.People will care but just not yet  good luck.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

the real truth

The impeachment process is only about one thing that is PREVENTING THE PRESIDENT FROM POSSIBLY APPOINTING ANOTHER SUPREME COURT JUSTICE .The rest is fake news.

Friday, November 15, 2019


we all file our taxes with the gov
THE irs has enormous oversight powers, Our tax info is expected to remain secret,If  we break the confidentially of the tax process it will break down.The next political claim will be  you went into a trump property  ,spent money so maybe you commited a crime. We the congress need to see your taxes. The irs process isn't enough. Everyones taxes will become public for one reason or another. Pelosis child worked for the wrong company   We must see his taxes. What nonsense

Thursday, November 14, 2019


We have not written a blog in a while.  There are so many people writing so many things with so many points of view, we weren't sure we had anything to add to the dialogue.

During World War II, one man was a brilliant master of propaganda and mind control.  Imagine what that person could do today with the Internet and social media techniques.

Unfortunately, we face very cunning enemies, both domestic and international.  They have figured out how to use a large element our of population to allow them to attack many of our democratic principles.

Profiling is not allowed, if you are looking for a particular type of person you are hard pressed to disclose it.  We are surprised by the repetitive nature of serious crimes, yet loath to enhance break throughs in our protection systems.

The best and most important example is our schools.  Although there are guards at airports, post offices, hotels, malls, street corners, apartment buildings, stadiums, concert arenas, etc. there are intelligent people who do not want to accept the necessity for much greater protection of our kids in schools.

It's almost as if we unconsciously accept the concept that "they were expendable" because we would rather not face the reality of the current world situation.  We would rather close our eyes and accept the easy way out, that blindly believes that there won't be another and another and another occurrence of tragedy.

We may not like it because its against everything we stand for, but the hostility of what we face should be apparent to all.  The Boston Marathon terrorists could have just as easily planted a nuclear type device.

If the Boston tragedy isn't enough to prove this point true, how much more will it take to convince you what we are really up against.IF its not one cause its another.Who in the right mind lets student guns in a school.

Monday, November 11, 2019

deutche bank

cnbc\ had a headline that income  inequality  is the big 2020 problem That was from someone at deutsche bank. .Lets keep the record straight; This bank is the biggest failure among all big banks, They get it all wrong.. But the dangerous CNBC continues to quote them . take a look  at the pay structure in that bank, Cnbc must be closed down.the german bank is a true  danger to our economy.

pelosi son

lets not forget that pelosis son worked for the most fraudulent mortgage banker .

the press really are fake

a well known news interviewer was asking  the head of a major company; in essence why are u making so much pay. The corporate executive stumbled all over himself and finally said its up  to the board. THE ONLY MEANINGFUL ANSWER,should have been and  WHY IS YOUR PAY SO HIGH,What do executive producers of this show get paid, why is an intelligent women like you asking such dumb questions when u know betterI .THE COMPANY U WORK FOR IS A PUBLIC COMPANY U KNOW THAT BUT U STILL USE YOUR POSITION TO POISON THE VIEWERS  EXPAIN WHY.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

the simple reality

   inflation low  profits decent, no active wars,  technology creative ,health care plentiful; economy still growing , savings assets growing ,real estate prices solid ,Russia not so bad.  attempt to work out china problems, middle east somewhat quite, unions not on strike every few months ,watts isn't burning ,kids still  go to school  mkts at new highs, interest rates still low 

Friday, August 30, 2019

Absorb  the following and put it into prospective. IN  THE 1700hundreds and 1800 hundreds America hardly existed. AMERICAN WERE ALL EUROPEAN ETC. BLAME THE IMMIGRANTS IT WOULD BE TRUE... ABSORB  THOUGHTFULLY/

Monday, August 5, 2019

el paso

Blaming part of  recent shootings on video games is correct. BUT it is a distortion of the more real story.The real story is so much more complex.Everything that may teach violence is just not two paragraphs in a text book.Turn on   your   tv and easily find full courses on the Art of warfare. The battle of this or that , the great battles of history  Ceasar ,Hannibal the greeks the romans the persians the mongols the gauls:endlessly we indulge ourselves and glorify the heroes of war. We elect generals to the presidency, We glorify in the gladiators of government opposing each  other, usually with verbal attacks. We glorify wyatt erp ,billy the kid, Godzilla ,boxing football stories of rape and murder by the thousands of books. THE GREAT EMPIRES WERE ALL BASED ON WARRIOR LEADERS. Bigger legions more tanks planes guns now coming  space weapons . Who teaches the meaning of kindness love empathy etc. These words have no meaning;violence sells . DERANGED people can find justification in hate its all we teach. The gunslinger is revered .if its not racism, its antisemitism or anti feminism of anti  the whole long list of bullshit..we are now stupidly telling people to speak up when they see something   they think is wrong  ,The bad ones practice violence so the population is fearfull, Wake up America its not guns its who we are ,not everyone is a hero. even  the suicides are an attempt,often, to stand up to the tormentors.

Monday, April 29, 2019


My Mother tried to teach me that calling people names was a highly ineffective way to live life. But sometimes when I see the liberal left (for lack of a stronger description) talking about the RICH people, I cringe in disgust.

Barbara Streisand is rich - could you be Barbara Streisand? Lebron James is rich - could you be Lebron James? Bill Gates created the operating system for most computers - could you be him? President Obama is rich - could you be the President?. Bruce Springsteen is rich - can you sing like him? Frank Sinatra was rich and Warren Buffet employs 300,000 people - do you? The absurdity of using the word RICH instead of attaching it to the people that are rich and evaluating their contributions to our lives, would expose the destructive liberal propaganda.

Wall Street people are mostly not rich. Employees in banks are generally not rich and most stock brokers are not rich. The hard working back office people in the finance industry are not rich.

Get with it America - don't let the democratic politicians and liberal media get away with keeping you ignorant and getting your vote based on bigotry, prejudice and single issues.

P.S. If Romney ends up with absurd ultra right wing views after he is nominated he'll be just as bad.

Monday, April 15, 2019

health care

THE invisible hand.The majority of health clear money  is spent on those closest to dying.Everytime you make a purchase you are paying for someone elses health care.labor is by far the largest health care cost.IT wont go down.BUY a box of  cherrios your paying health care to the company for its   health care costs.THE  company raises the cost of its cherrios ,at least equal to its healthcare cost per box.HEALTH CARE IS AIR YOU CANT DO WITHOUT IT.BUT AT 90?

Sunday, April 14, 2019


The chess battle over health care will cost you a lot of money.  It doesn't matter what your ideology is it will cost you a lot of money, each and everyone of you.

Simply put, this is the story.  Approximately 65% of medical dollars spent go to labor, directly or indirectly.  That's the millions of people who provide the health care system, whether they work for a hospital or a biotech company.  Labor is 65% of every dollar received by the medical profession.

The revenues for the medical industry (in entirety) can either be paid for by the government (TAXES) or by individuals (PREMIUMS).

When you pay the taxes to the government for the medical industry they are either called Medicare, Medicaid or something similar.  When you pay the premiums to your insurance company they are paid for by your personal income.  So you either pay taxes or premiums, both are used to pay the workers in the medical profession 65% of those two numbers.

No politician is willing to tell the people who don't work in the medical profession that medical expenses are destined to rise PERMANENTLY.  The cost of labor is not going down so we will have a continuing rise of medical care costs.  There is no competition.  There is basically a single payer system and that's just the way it is.  So forget the politics.  It's bogus.  

Saturday, April 6, 2019


 Afederal judge has decided to question an approved merger between to Aetna and cvs. His case is the public interest. HUNDREDS of thousands of shareholders voted in favor of the merger.BUT judge leon thinks he may be smarter.  Many people are clambering for boeing to pay billions for the crash of there two new is absolutely certain that leon has no idea of whats in the public interest.  If he did he would only focus on labor cost .. All else is a diversion.    And as far as boeing is concerned it maybe the greatest asset we have. Please remember how many presidents and generals completely planned battles incorrectly. Tens of thousands of lives lost because of incompetent decision making.   Were any of them sued? ERRORS WILL ALWAYS  HAPPEN NO MATTER HOW MANY SAFEGUARDS  AND FIREWALLS WE ERECT.YOU CANT ELIMINATE ERRORS.HOWEVER IF THERE WAS FRAUD OR AN ILLEGAL RUSH TO COMPLETION THAT MAY BE CULPABLE. ERRORS ARE EVERYWHERE AND THEY ALWAYS WILLBE And on the subject of reparations for slavery decedents,,, how about reparations for the hundreds of thousands of killed and mangled northern soldiers  who fought to end slavery,  madness.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


During the civil war it was common for the rich to buy their way out of serving,PAY 600 dollars, to a sub and you were out. Cheating to get into college is wrong  but why not do the same as other rich people. Its the system . Pay or die it was your choice.

Monday, March 11, 2019

brainless democracy

 oMAR WILL FALL BY HER OWN THOUGHTS. If she wasn't a girl and a minority she would be ignorned by the mainstream BUT OUR MEDIA ONLY CARES ABOUT viewers, truth and quality don't often count. Imagine if a jewishAmerican started attacking the catholic church. ,  She  has huge problems in her congressional district but she is using her position to attack israel.A GOOD EXCUSE FOR DOING NOTHING FOR HER AMERICAN NEIGBHORS.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

the rise of more bigoty

Hatred means to dislike intensely. Look it up. Now according to the democrats if you dislike something they say they like you are labeled  bigot, racist  gay hater etc etc.Their are so many things to dislike intensely I wrote a long blog about sexual exploitation listing a long list of democrats/Are they hate able. I think so.There are  1.5billion moslems and only 15 millions jews in the whole world. Its easy to attack jew BUt most are scared of 1,5 billion moslems Omar should not be tolerated. Sorry to say it but that's how hilter gained power ….wakeup

wrecking our potential

When certain ,usually democratic politicians ,attack  google amazon facebook etc etc left wing voters plus others forget that thay re attacking the millions of employees who work in these companies.No wonder we can never fix our problems  most don't understand how to prosper, easier to complain about success.

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