Monday, August 5, 2019

el paso

Blaming part of  recent shootings on video games is correct. BUT it is a distortion of the more real story.The real story is so much more complex.Everything that may teach violence is just not two paragraphs in a text book.Turn on   your   tv and easily find full courses on the Art of warfare. The battle of this or that , the great battles of history  Ceasar ,Hannibal the greeks the romans the persians the mongols the gauls:endlessly we indulge ourselves and glorify the heroes of war. We elect generals to the presidency, We glorify in the gladiators of government opposing each  other, usually with verbal attacks. We glorify wyatt erp ,billy the kid, Godzilla ,boxing football stories of rape and murder by the thousands of books. THE GREAT EMPIRES WERE ALL BASED ON WARRIOR LEADERS. Bigger legions more tanks planes guns now coming  space weapons . Who teaches the meaning of kindness love empathy etc. These words have no meaning;violence sells . DERANGED people can find justification in hate its all we teach. The gunslinger is revered .if its not racism, its antisemitism or anti feminism of anti  the whole long list of bullshit..we are now stupidly telling people to speak up when they see something   they think is wrong  ,The bad ones practice violence so the population is fearfull, Wake up America its not guns its who we are ,not everyone is a hero. even  the suicides are an attempt,often, to stand up to the tormentors.

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