Monday, April 29, 2019


My Mother tried to teach me that calling people names was a highly ineffective way to live life. But sometimes when I see the liberal left (for lack of a stronger description) talking about the RICH people, I cringe in disgust.

Barbara Streisand is rich - could you be Barbara Streisand? Lebron James is rich - could you be Lebron James? Bill Gates created the operating system for most computers - could you be him? President Obama is rich - could you be the President?. Bruce Springsteen is rich - can you sing like him? Frank Sinatra was rich and Warren Buffet employs 300,000 people - do you? The absurdity of using the word RICH instead of attaching it to the people that are rich and evaluating their contributions to our lives, would expose the destructive liberal propaganda.

Wall Street people are mostly not rich. Employees in banks are generally not rich and most stock brokers are not rich. The hard working back office people in the finance industry are not rich.

Get with it America - don't let the democratic politicians and liberal media get away with keeping you ignorant and getting your vote based on bigotry, prejudice and single issues.

P.S. If Romney ends up with absurd ultra right wing views after he is nominated he'll be just as bad.

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved