Thursday, June 16, 2016


Anyone who is against profiling is just plain wrong. If you are looking for a woman you don't stop men. If you are looking for someone who is 7ft. tall and is male you don't stop a 5ft. tall grandmother. If you are looking for blacks, you don't stop whites, and vice versa. Profiling is necessary, prejudice and bias are not. Period, end of subject.
Guns are bad. I'm a registered member of the NRA and have a concealed weapons license, but guns are bad. If we didn't need them they should be outlawed, but we do need them. When the underlying fears of crime, etc. go away, guns will go away. Period, end of subject.
A fetus is a baby the second it's conceived, not three months later. Abortion, equal to the killing of a baby, is obviously a bad thing. Unfortunately, babies are conceived into all kinds of circumstances where they are not wanted by the carrying Mother. Which is worse, forcing a Mother to term or terminating an unwanted baby? This question will never be agreed upon by the opposing opinions. Both sides should choose their own path and moral order. Period, end of subject.
Obviously war and fighting are horrendously bad things but letting your guard down by appeasement or weakness can be even worse. Period, end of subject.
People should be able to practice any sexual activity they want to as long as its between consenting mentally able adults where abuse of either parties is not taking place. Period, end of subject.
Illegal immigrants is another subject that has to be put to rest. Obviously illegal immigration should be stopped or why have the law. If we want these people coming into the country it should be done legally. Aren't we still a country of laws? If we don't want them coming here and doing what they do then we should just face the consequences of higher labor cost especially in food production. Period, end of subject.
The reason I'm writing this is because these are some of the important issues clouding the political agenda. We have more than enough to focus on within education, poverty, sickness, crime and terrorism. Period, end of subject.
When the Democrats talk of special interest groups they forget that the biggest perpetrator of group thinking is our current President followed nose to nose by his Republican opponents. It's time to stop all the baloney as we slide backwards. Period, end of subject.

Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved