Wednesday, March 13, 2019


During the civil war it was common for the rich to buy their way out of serving,PAY 600 dollars, to a sub and you were out. Cheating to get into college is wrong  but why not do the same as other rich people. Its the system . Pay or die it was your choice.

Monday, March 11, 2019

brainless democracy

 oMAR WILL FALL BY HER OWN THOUGHTS. If she wasn't a girl and a minority she would be ignorned by the mainstream BUT OUR MEDIA ONLY CARES ABOUT viewers, truth and quality don't often count. Imagine if a jewishAmerican started attacking the catholic church. ,  She  has huge problems in her congressional district but she is using her position to attack israel.A GOOD EXCUSE FOR DOING NOTHING FOR HER AMERICAN NEIGBHORS.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

the rise of more bigoty

Hatred means to dislike intensely. Look it up. Now according to the democrats if you dislike something they say they like you are labeled  bigot, racist  gay hater etc etc.Their are so many things to dislike intensely I wrote a long blog about sexual exploitation listing a long list of democrats/Are they hate able. I think so.There are  1.5billion moslems and only 15 millions jews in the whole world. Its easy to attack jew BUt most are scared of 1,5 billion moslems Omar should not be tolerated. Sorry to say it but that's how hilter gained power ….wakeup

wrecking our potential

When certain ,usually democratic politicians ,attack  google amazon facebook etc etc left wing voters plus others forget that thay re attacking the millions of employees who work in these companies.No wonder we can never fix our problems  most don't understand how to prosper, easier to complain about success.

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