Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I don't write too often anymore.  It's not because i don't have important things to say, its because the level of the dialogue in my opinion has degenerated.

Now that we are taking down statues and attempting to change American History, it's only a small step before we start to empty the libraries and museums of books and paintings that some well funded group finds offensive.

Most of the young men that fought for the South did not have anything to do with Slavery. They were simply young men who were brave and fighting to defend their home states.  The great majority owned no slaves and in any case at that time Lincoln "supported" slavery.

On one hand we like to call ourselves a "melting pot", on the other hand a "melting pot"of statues and books and everything else is offensive to this one and that one.

My dear friend is a devout Lutheran. He attends a fantastic Lutheran church every week and through him I have come to know many of their parishioners.  By and large they are as fine a group of people as you can find.

Should we tear down the Lutheran church because its founder was as bad a antisemite that ever existed?

Most of the current church has nothing to do with something that was 700 years ago.


Shepard Osherow. All Rights Reserved