Saturday, April 6, 2019


 Afederal judge has decided to question an approved merger between to Aetna and cvs. His case is the public interest. HUNDREDS of thousands of shareholders voted in favor of the merger.BUT judge leon thinks he may be smarter.  Many people are clambering for boeing to pay billions for the crash of there two new is absolutely certain that leon has no idea of whats in the public interest.  If he did he would only focus on labor cost .. All else is a diversion.    And as far as boeing is concerned it maybe the greatest asset we have. Please remember how many presidents and generals completely planned battles incorrectly. Tens of thousands of lives lost because of incompetent decision making.   Were any of them sued? ERRORS WILL ALWAYS  HAPPEN NO MATTER HOW MANY SAFEGUARDS  AND FIREWALLS WE ERECT.YOU CANT ELIMINATE ERRORS.HOWEVER IF THERE WAS FRAUD OR AN ILLEGAL RUSH TO COMPLETION THAT MAY BE CULPABLE. ERRORS ARE EVERYWHERE AND THEY ALWAYS WILLBE And on the subject of reparations for slavery decedents,,, how about reparations for the hundreds of thousands of killed and mangled northern soldiers  who fought to end slavery,  madness.

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