Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Every criminal has a reason.Gingers reasons as we tell it, at best are sad and at worst are mad.What follows are a few  questions;,Where Did she learn how to  use sex to achieve power in an attempt to dominate. Was it a relative? How does she  teach herself to survive, by  using illegal means to achieve her end?.What follows is a quick review of the  novel"s  saga.
 .(1) a story  of a  female abuser ,Weinstein, spitizer or worse (2) a  story of a person  ,who will take a video of her giving her boy  friend a  b--w  j--b.in her work place .She will  stream the whole thing to  a male friend,without boy friends knowledge(Video could be  watched by anyone. )(3).We  will tell a story of a person who in a long video   and audio uses a plastic p---s to achieve  a voice induced  orgasam.and streams it online(4)we will create a story  about a ginger who posts a nude picture of another  person posing very provocatively.(5) Later we will create a  story of a clear cut failure of fiduciary responsibility and fraudulent activity..(6) We will piece together gingers life so that the cause of her story turns out to be just plain narcissistic and multiple personality.                                                                                                                   The above creation of ginger may seem a little outside the circle of acceptable story telling, Unfortunately the best stories  always are real  somewhere in the population.Lets see where  we can take the ginger saga.Sorry but ginger  will mess with her  own credibility. Assumptions are part of story telling.Every good prosecutor starts with assumptions.KEEP IN MIND HER FOCUS ON LOADED GUNS. Ginger is created as a entrapment artist, even trapping the unsuspecting boyfriend.Remember the word ENTRAPMENT.                                                                                                   Training for the mission started when they were all very young.

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